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Graphic Universe
Type Private
Industry Comic books
Founded 1959
Headquarters New York City, New York, U.S.
Key people Carol Burrell, editorial director
Website Graphic Universe Gateway

Graphic Universe, an imprint of Lerner Publishing Group, was launched in 2006 and publishes books in graphic novel format. The imprint currently has two main series: Twisted Journeys and Graphic Myths and Legends. Graphic Universe is notable for using well-known artists from the comic book genre.


In 2006, Lerner Publishing Group created the Graphic Universe imprint for the purpose of publishing comic book-style educational material. Graphic Universe books are intended to bring myths and history to life for young readers aged 9+. The company is based out of Lerner's New York City office in the Empire State Building. Titles from Graphic Universe are worked on by experienced comic professionals who have worked with such companies as Marvel and DC Comics. Initially the group only published the Graphic Myths and Legends series, but later expanded to the Twisted Journeys series.

Graphic Myths and Legends[edit]

Graphic Myths and Legends is the first series published by Graphic Universe. There are currently a total of 27 titles in the series. The books are full-color comic retellings of famous myths from around the world, including Hercules and Amaterasu. The series has the trade byline of "Supreme artwork and storytelling." Graphic Myths and Legends is drawn and inked by some of the top artists in the industry.


Twisted Journeys[edit]

Twisted Journeys is an interactive fiction series similar in nature to Choose Your Own Adventure, done in a mix of written and comic format. Some pages are done in a comic layout, and others are done in novel format. Traditional drawing, inking, coloring, and lettering techniques are used throughout.

Captured by Pirates


  • 1 - Captured by Pirates
  • 2 - Escape from Pyramid X
  • 3 - Terror in Ghost Mansion
  • 4 - The Treasure of Mount Fate
  • 5 - Nightmare on Zombie Island
  • 6 - The Time Travel Trap
  • 7 - Vampire Hunt
  • 8 - Alien Incident on Planet J
  • 9 - Agent Mongoose and the Hypno-Beam Scheme
  • 10 - The Goblin King
  • 11 - Shipwrecked on Mad Island
  • 12 - Kung Fu Masters
  • 13 - School of Evil
  • 14 - Attack of the Mutant Meteors
  • 15 - Agent Mongoose and the Attack of the Giant Insects
  • 16 - The Quest for Dragon Mountain
  • 17 - Detective Frankenstein
  • 18 - Horror In Space
  • 19 - The Fifth Musketeer
  • 20 - Peril in Summerland Park
  • 21 - Safari Survivor
  • 22 - Hero City

Foreign imports[edit]

Graphic Universe also publishes foreign titles in translation, usually from French.


Artists and Authors[edit]

Many well-known artists and other members of the comic industry have worked with the various Graphic Universe titles, including Dan Jolley, Thomas Yeates, John McCrea, Trina Robbins, Alitha Martinez, Bannister, Craig Hamilton, Ron Fontes, Steve Kurth, Paul Storrie, Jeff Limke, and Ron Randall.