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The Grasshopper is a children's Lotus Seven type car. It is a smaller version of the Locust Seven kit car. It is built using the same methods as the full size version with the body tub built from plywood or MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard).

The car is available fully built or can be home built using a set of full size plans and instructions. All the running gear, (axles, steering wheel etc.), the GRP (wings & nosecone) and everything else you would need to make up the complete kit can be supplied by the manufacturer. The parts are available as a complete kit or each item can be obtained individually as and when needed. Many of the parts required can be sourced from general D.I.Y. or hardware stores, therefore cutting the cost of the build. The Build Manual gives instructions on how to manufacture some of the parts.

Using full size plans the body tub is cut from the sheet of wood/MDF and then skinned with thin Aluminium sheet. If MDF is used it can be painted without skinning. The whole car requires just one 8’ x 4’ sheet which is available from most DIY stores. Like the Locust and Hornet the fibreglass nose cone and wings and windscreen will normally need to be obtained from the manufacturer. The engines used are usually a 200 watt MOTR electric motor powered by a sealed car battery giving a forward and reverse gear. Like the Locust and Hornet cars have been built with many variations often utilising a petrol lawn mower engine.

The kit car is manufactured by BWE.

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