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Grassroots Films of Brooklyn, New York is an independent film studio which develops, produces, and distributes films. Its most recent title is " The Human Experience"


Grassroots Films Inc. is a production company based in Brooklyn, New York. The company was founded in 2001 by Joseph Campo (Producer), Charles Kinnane (Director), Clifford Azize (Associate Producer), and Michael Campo (Associate Producer). Since its founding, Grassroots Films has produced over ten short films and a full-length feature documentary.


Since inception, Grassroots Films has been providing marketing services to the entertainment industry and independent businesses.

In 2009 Grassroots Films finished production on their first Feature Length Film entitled "The Human Experience" By word of mouth, Grassroots Films had been contacted and contracted to screen "The Human Experience" at private pre-screenings. To date the film has been viewed by more than 100,000 people at over 200 pre-screenings in 102 cities worldwide. The response has been overwhelming, with standing ovations as the norm, Grassroots Films has organically created a buzz that has resulted in over 30 film festival awards and accolades, including Best Documentary Feature at the Maui Film Festival, Grand Prize for Best Feature Film at Toronto's Moving Image Film Festival, and Best Documentary Feature at the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival.

"The Human Experience" has received very positive reviews from the press. Harriet Yahr of indieWIRE called it, "A doc with so much heart in the right place."[1] Patrick Schweiss, Executive Director of the Sedona International Film Festival described The Human Experience as, "[A] truly remarkable, touching and thought-provoking film that will take you to emotional depths you didn't know you had."[2] Big Hollywood recently posted a review of the film on its blog: Doc About Our Shared Humanity [3]

"The Human Experience" has also been endorsed by several religious entities. The Archbishop of Denver released a statement on his official website. "Grassroots Films has produced an astonishing witness to the beauty of the human person under the most trying conditions. For anyone committed to the cause of human dignity, or simply hungry to again see the beauty in life, it shouldn’t be missed." [4] In June, the Archbishop of Kraków Poland sent an open letter to the producers of The Human Experience, which concluded with a hope that the film would "contribute to an ever deeper knowledge of the essence of human life and human dignity." [5]


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