Gratianopolis (Mauretania Caesariensis)

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Gratianopolis was a city in Mauretania Caesariensis, North Africa, named for the emperor Gratian. It is only known from mentions in church council minutes. Its history, location, and present condition are unknown.

Ecclesiastical history[edit]

Gratianopolis sent bishops to several 5th-century church councils: Publicius (Catholic), Deuterius (Donatist), both at the Conference of Carthage in 411; and Thalassius, present at the Conference of 480. The city does not figure in a list of the bishoprics of the province preserved in a document of the sixth and seventh centuries, unless it be disguised under the native name (see "Byzantinische Zeitschrift", 1892, II, 26, 31).

It remains a titular see of the Catholic Church.

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