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Grattachecca (particolare).jpg
Course Dessert
Place of origin Italy
Region or state Rome
Main ingredients Shaved ice, Sciroppo
Cookbook:Grattachecca  Grattachecca
The kiosk "Alla fonte d'oro" is the oldest in the city, quenching Romans' and tourists' thirsts since 1913.

Grattachecca is the name of a popular cold dessert originating in Rome, Italy, commonly sold in kiosks and bars. It consists of manually shaved ice flavored with sweet sciroppo.


According to popular accounts, the origins of Grattachecca date back to ancient Roman dictator Quintus Fabius Maximus who would import into Rome snow from Mount Terminillo in the Apennines to be flavored with sweet syrups and distributed by thermopolia (booths selling hot and cold beverages).


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