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Gravelford is an unincorporated community in Coos County, Oregon, United States.[1] It is located about eight miles northeast of Myrtle Point, at the confluence of the North Fork Coquille River and the East Fork Coquille River.[2]

The name of the community came from a natural ford in the stream.[3] A post office with the name Gravel Ford was established in 1878 with Solomon J. McCloskey the first postmaster.[3] Post office records always used the two-word spelling, but post office route maps and USGS topographical maps use the one-word spelling.[3] The office closed in 1934, with mail going to Myrtle Point.[3]

In 1915, Gravelford had two cheese factories, two churches, an Adventist academy, and a public school.[4] As of 1990, only two houses remained of the town.[4] Gravelford's volunteer fire department is a satellite station of Myrtle Point.[5] Gravelford Cemetery was founded in 1884.[6]


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Coordinates: 43°06′18″N 124°04′41″W / 43.105110°N 124.078157°W / 43.105110; -124.078157