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The excavations at Gravisca, conducted by the University of Perugia.
Gravisca is located in Lazio
Shown within Lazio
Region Lazio
Type Port, Settlement
Periods Orientalizing period - Roman empire
Cultures Etruscan
Site notes
Excavation dates yes
Archaeologists Mario Torelli
Condition ruined
Public access no

Gravisca (or the Latin) Graviscae)[1] was the port of the Etruscan city of Tarquinii, situated 8 km west of the city center.[2]

The Etruscan settlement, occupied ca. sixth to third centuries B.C., had four principal occupational phases from ca. 600 to 250 B.C.[3] It was superseded by the establishment of a colonia of Roman citizenship at the site in 181 BC.[4] The port functioned as an emporion and there is ample evidence for merchants and perhaps Greek artisans based at the site.[5] The cults of numerous Greek gods, including Aphrodite, Hera,[6] Demeter, and Apollo, are attested


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Coordinates: 42°12′46″N 11°42′37″E / 42.21278°N 11.71028°E / 42.21278; 11.71028