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For the Mozilla Firefox plugin, see Greasemonkey. For the automotive service company, see Grease Monkey (business).

Grease Monkey is a comic book created by Tim Eldred. There were two issues published in color by Kitchen Sink Press in 1996, then Image Comics reprinted the first four stories in black and white in 1998. Currently Tor Books has it released in book form: the first six stories along with previously unpublished material for a total of twenty four stories plus three vignettes.

A second book, A Tale of Two Species, was published on the internet in 19 chapters, approximately monthly starting in October 2007.

Grease Monkey #1 (Image Comics)


Fifty years prior to the beginning of the series, an alien armada attacked Earth, killing sixty percent of the human population. Then, a group of alien benefactors showed up to restore Earth. In order to replace the missing sixty percent, they offered to bestow high intelligence to other species. They made this offer to the dolphins first, who declined, then they turned to the gorillas, who accepted. Now Earth is populated both by humans and accelerated gorillas.


The huge battlecruiser called Fist of Earth.

Main characters[edit]

  • Robin Plotnik - A young assistant mechanic serving the Barbarians, an all-female fighter squadron stationed on the Fist of Earth.
  • McGimben Gimbensky aka Mac - A gorilla who happens to be Chief Mechanic for Barbarian Squadron. A self-styled artist who cares nothing at all for regulations. Robin becomes his assistant and close friend.

Other characters[edit]

  • Kevin Nedelmat - Fighter maintenance assistant for Hardrider Squadron, and the only friend Robin has from Earth who is stationed on the Fist of Earth. He is dismissed and sent to Earth due to his involvement in a betting scandal.
  • Barbara Brand - Captain of Barbarian Squadron.
  • Evelyn Stettler - Admiral of the Fist of Earth. She is the first gorilla to reach the rank of Admiral. Mac is romantically involved with her.
  • Reg Dibson - An old gorilla who happens to be the ship's "Technician of Custodial Sciences" (janitor). He is Mac's best friend and fellow nonconformist. He has an "attack hamster" named Dewey.
  • Lyle Brand - Barbara's brother, and leader of a rival squadron. The two compete with each other. In Book 2, he leads a bomber squadron.
  • Jeff Simons - Chef in the Astro Bistro who had been Mac's assistant before Robin. After the betting scandal, he decides to leave the Fist of Earth and Kara joins him.
  • Kim Barnett - Newest and youngest member of Barbarian Squadron. She makes her debut in Book 2.


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