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The Victory Arches, at the entrance of the Great Celebrations square

Great Celebrations square is the main square for public celebrations in Baghdad with a stadium for the heads of the state in the center of the Parade avenue. Constructed in the era of the President Saddam Hussein and were held in which all military parades and national events. The square was built in 1986, and in 1989 the Victory Arches were added to celebrate the victory in the Iran–Iraq War if the war had been won. The square is located near the Harthiya and in the fortified Green Zone containing museums and monuments, close to the The Monument to the Unknown Soldier built in 1980 when the war with Iran began. The Great Celebrations square has great cultural value.

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Coordinates: 33°18′20.46″N 44°22′58.80″E / 33.3056833°N 44.3830000°E / 33.3056833; 44.3830000