Great Central Lake

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Great Central Lake
Location Vancouver Island, British Columbia
Coordinates 49°22′N 125°10′W / 49.367°N 125.167°W / 49.367; -125.167Coordinates: 49°22′N 125°10′W / 49.367°N 125.167°W / 49.367; -125.167
Basin countries Canada
Max. length 45 km
Surface area 51 km²
Max. depth 294 m
Surface elevation 82 m

Great Central Lake is a lake on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Great Central lake has a depth of 293 metres (961 ft), making it the second deepest lake on Vancouver Island. The water level control is regulated, and the lake has not frozen in recent memory.


Population:60. Most residents of the lake live in float houses, and a campsite, Great Central Lake RV Resort and Marina, is located at the eastern edge of the lake. This campsite is private and offers seasonal rentals only, based on a four month minimum. The Trestle RV park, located on the boot lagoon portion of the lake offers large recreational lots for sale. A local fellow offers transportation services to a trail into Della Falls.

Della Falls Trail[edit]

Della falls trail is a 7 hour hike to the base of Della Falls. There are various campsites along the trail. (see Della Falls above)

Diving into the lake

Nearby Urban Centres[edit]

Port Alberni is Great Central Lake's closest urban centre, approximately 16 kilometres (10 mi) away from the Great Central Lake RV Resort campsite. Port Alberni offers various services including kayak rentals, fishing charters and equipment suppliers.