Great Day (1930 film)

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For the 1921 British short film, see The Great Day.
Great Day
Directed by Harry Beaumont
Harry Pollard
Starring Joan Crawford
Anita Page
Johnny Mack Brown
Release dates
Country United States
Language English

Great Day is an unreleased 1930 musical film which was to star Joan Crawford, Anita Page, and Johnny Mack Brown, and is an unusual example of a production that was started and shut down before its completion.


Great Day began as a Vincent Youmans musical purchased by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer to be tailored to Crawford's talents. The 1929 show had not been a success on Broadway, lasting only twenty-nine performances. But its songs — with lyrics by Billy Rose and Edward Eliscu — were memorable, including the title tune, another called "Without a Song" and "More Than You Know". It was the popularity of the music that encouraged MGM to buy the rights for the film version. Production started in the fall of 1930, but after around eight weeks of shooting, the film was scrapped at considerable cost to the studio — $280,000[1] — largely due to Crawford's extreme unhappiness with her "Southern belle" performance ("Southern drawl I can do, but I just can't talk baby talk,"[1] Crawford told Louis B. Mayer after viewing the rushes, which she thought were "God-awful".)

The studio and Crawford mutually decided to go into major rewrites to save the film with the plan to go back to shooting with the newly revised script by the following year, in 1931. It never happened, and Great Day was never released. Another effort was made to make the film in 1934, this time starring Jeanette MacDonald, but this also fell through. For years, Great Day was referred to only briefly, if at all, in Crawford's filmographies. One fact surrounding the film was that all MGM production records for the film had disappeared, yet, records for many other uncompleted movies had survived.[citation needed]


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