Great Day in the Morning

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Great Day in the Morning
Directed by Jacques Tourneur
Written by Robert Hardy Andrews (story)
Lesser Samuels (screenplay)
Starring Robert Stack
Virginia Mayo
Distributed by RKO Radio Pictures
Release dates
  • May 16, 1956 (1956-05-16) (Premiere-Denver, CO)[1]
Running time 92 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Great Day in the Morning is a 1956 film.[2][3] It was directed by Jacques Tourneur and stars Robert Stack and Virginia Mayo in a story set in 1860s Denver.


Owen Pentecost (Stack) is a man from North Carolina who comes west to Denver on a whim. He encounters Ann Merry Alaine (Mayo), who is going there to open a dress shop.

In a Denver hotel saloon, Owen wins a poker game with the owner, who bet his estate on the last hand. Along with the hotel comes Boston Grant (Ruth Roman), who works there.

Both women begin to fall for Owen. He has money on his mind, specifically the gold of the town's Confederates, which turns out to be what brought him here. But the predominantly Union town wants the gold, and with the Civil War approaching, the town is split. Owen leads the Southerners in an escape attempt with the gold.



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