Great Plains Airlines

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Great Plains Airlines
Founded 2001
Ceased operations 2004
Fleet size 5
Destinations 11
Headquarters Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States
A Great Plains Airlines Dornier 328JET

Great Plains Airlines was a regional airline headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States.[1] The airline was founded in 2001 with a mix of tax credits and government loans totaling $27 million[2] and expanded rapidly, filing with the Air Transportation Stabilization Board for a guarantee of $17 million from a $25 million loan, though this was rejected, as the Board deemed the airline's business plan to be too risky.[1] The airline filed for bankruptcy and ceased operations in 2004 after attempts to secure additional financing and investments were unsuccessful.[2] After it ceased operations, all five of the company's aircraft were repossessed by creditors and all other property belonging to the airline was auctioned off.[2]

The airline's foundation was based upon giving Oklahoma City and Tulsa travelers quality and affordable non-stop service to a number of destinations, ultimately with flights to underserved heavily-traveled business destinations on the east and west coasts.[1]

To assist in starting the airline, the operating certificate was purchased from Ozark Airlines, an airline not related to the original Ozark Airlines, but a small airline operating Dornier 328JETs. The airline also took over operation of Ozark's two aircraft,[3] and later expanded the fleet to five aircraft by the time of the airline's closure.[2]

The airline had several signature items, including Krispy Kreme donuts and Arby's sandwiches served on board.[4]




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