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Education in Albany, Oregon, USA is coordinated by Greater Albany Public School District 8J (GAPS 8J). Established in 1979 and encompassing a 154 square mile (399 km²) area, this educational district aims to educate the children of Albany from grades K through 12.

Nearly nine-tenths of educators within the GAPS district hold bachelor degrees or educational certificates while one in two have a masters degree, including an overall total average teaching experience of more than five years.

GAPS has an enrollment of just over 8,900 students.

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Superintendent: Maria Delapoer

School ratings[edit]

All schools are graded according to the Oregon Department of Education Annual Year Report and Report Card. All schools were graded as "satisfactory", with eight graded "strong" and one as "exceptional".


  • Partnerships with over 90 local employers allow opportunities for more than 1,100 unique, extended, off-campus educational experiences.
  • Adult volunteers at individual schools call home to notify parents or guardians when a student is absent from one class.
  • Schools and students organize donation drives each year in which students, parents, and community members donate thousands of dollars of clothes, food, and services to local and national charities, non-profit organizations and underserved families.
  • GAPS Graduates earn a combined total of, at least, $1.5 million in scholarships.
  • SAT scores are higher than the national average, with improvement shown each year.
  • District investment of $2 million USD over a seven year time span to equip students with newer, updated, textbooks.

Albany schools[edit]

Elementary schools[edit]

Middle schools[edit]

  • Calapooia MS
    • Built in 1962, Calapooia Middle School is proudly educating its second generation of Albany children.
    • Student body of approximately 750 students.
  • Memorial MS
    • Established in 1963 next to West Albany High School.
    • Student body of approximately 665 students.
    • 3 sports programs and over 5 clubs and groups.
  • North Albany MS
    • Established in North Albany in 1966.
    • Student body of approximately 600 students.
    • Reward/Incentive programs (Top Tiger, Gold Cards, Tiger Eyes Are On You) for exceptional attendance and final grades.

High schools[edit]

  • West Albany High School
    • Established 1953 as Albany Union High School
    • 53-acre (210,000 m2) campus includes 1/4 mile running track, Memorial Stadium, and large, grass, sports fields and softball and tennis courts.
    • Student body of approximately 1350 students.
    • Over 25 clubs and groups and over 10 athletic sports.
    • Mascot: Bulldog [1]
    • School colors: Navy & Gold
  • South Albany High School
    • Established in 1970 to meet the growing educational needs of Albany.
    • 167,000 square feet (15,500 m2) of instructional space and supplemental buildings (this is the largest educational area within Albany)
    • Student body of approximately 1200 students.
    • Over 15 athletic sports and over 22 clubs and groups.
    • Owns and operates a community pool/aquatic facilities for South Albany High School and the Albany Community at large.
    • Mascot: Rebels [2]
    • School colors: Red and Grey

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