Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service

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Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service
Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service.png
Operational area
Country  United Kingdom
Country  England
County Greater Manchester
Agency overview
Established 1974 (1974)
Employees 2,641
Chief Fire Officer Steve McGuirk
Facilities and equipment
Stations 41
Official website

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service is the statutory emergency fire and rescue service for the metropolitan county of Greater Manchester, England.

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service covers an area of approximately 496 square miles (1,280 km2). The service has 41 fire stations which until 2006 were organised into three territorial Area Commands (South, East and West), each one with an Area Command Headquarters, based at Stretford, Rochdale and Bolton respectively. When the brigade altered the command area's structure they divided the three area commands from South, East and West to 11 Borough Commands, aligned to the 10 local authorities in the county: Bolton, Bury, Manchester (North/South), Oldham, Rochdale, Salford, Stockport, Tameside, Trafford and Wigan. The service employs 2,641 personnel, of which 2,174 are uniformed operational personnel, 64 control room staff, and 403 non-uniformed support staff.

The Service's headquarters is located in Pendlebury, Salford.[1]

Fire Stations[edit]

Southern Area[edit]

Station Callsign Duty System Station Name Station Address Appliances
10 Wholetime Stretford Park Road, Stretford 2x WrL, 1x HPV, 1x PM+HVPU
11 Wholetime Sale Cranleigh Drive, Sale 2x WrL, 1x BFU
12 Wholetime Altrincham Off Manchester Road, Altrincham 1x WrL
13 Wholetime Moss Side Denhill Road, Moss Side 1x WrL
14 Wholetime Withington Wilmslow Road, Withington 1x WrL
15 Wholetime Wythenshawe Brownley Road, Wythenshawe 2x WrL
16 Wholetime Manchester Central Thompson Street, New Cross, Manchester 2x WrL, 1x HPV
17 Wholetime Blackley Rochdale Road, Blackley 2x WrL
18 Wholetime Philips Park Briscoe Lane, Manchester 1x WrL
19 Wholetime Gorton Birch Street, Gorton 1x WrL
20 Wholetime Whitehill Whitehill Street, Heaton Norris 1x WrL, 1x HPV
21 Wholetime Stockport King Street West, Stockport 1x WrL
22 Wholetime Cheadle Turves Road, Cheadle Hulme 1x WrL
23 Wholetime Offerton Lisburn Lane, Offerton, Stockport 1x WrL
24 Nucleus Manning Marple Hollins Lane, Marple 1x WrL

Eastern Area[edit]

Station Callsign Duty System Station Name Station Address Appliances
30 Wholetime Rochdale Halifax Road, Rochdale 2x WrL, 1x ICCU
31 Retained Littleborough Whiteless Road, Littleborough 1x WrL
32 Wholetime Heywood Middleton Road, Heywood 2x WrL, 1x WIU
33 Wholetime Oldham Lees Road, Oldham 2x WrL, 1x HPV
34 Wholetime Hollins Hollins Road, Hollins, Oldham 1x WrL
35 Wholetime Chadderton Broadway, Chadderton 2x WrL, 1x SACU
36 Wholetime Bury Magdalene Road, Bury 2x WrL, 1x PM+EPU
37 Wholetime Whitefield Bury New Road, Whitefield 1x WrL, 1x SACU
38 Day Manned Ramsbottom Stubbins Lane, Ramsbottom 1x WrL, 1x DIM
39 Wholetime Ashton-Under-Lyne Slate Lane, Ashton-Under-Lyne 1x WrL, 1x TRU, 1x ERU, 1x USAR
40 Wholetime Stalybridge Rassbottom Street, Stalybridge 2x WrL, 1x IRU
41 Wholetime Mossley Stamford Street, Mossley 1x WrL
42 Wholetime Hyde Railway Street, Hyde 1x WrL, 1x OSU

Western Area[edit]

Station Callsign Duty System Station Name Station Address Appliances
50 Wholetime Bolton Central Moor Lane, Bolton 2x WrL, 1 x HPV, 1x PM+HVPU, 1x PM+MDD
51 Wholetime Bolton North Crompton Way, Tonge Moor, Bolton 1x WrL, 1x HRU, 1x L4P
52 Day Manned Horwich Chorley New Road, Horwich 1x WrL
53 Wholetime Farnworth Albert Road, Farnworth 2x WrL, 1x BFU, 1x IRU
54 Wholetime Wigan Robin Park Road, Newtown, Wigan 2x WrL
55 Wholetime Hindley Borsdane Avenue, Hindley 1x WrL
56 Wholetime Atherton Gloucester Street, Atherton 1x WrL, 1x OSU
57 Wholetime Leigh St Helens Road, Leigh 1x WrL, 1x TRU, 1x ERU, 1x HPV
58 Wholetime Salford Liverpool Street, Salford 2x WrL, 1x SACU
59 Wholetime Broughton Bury New Road, Higher Broughton, Salford 2x WrL
60 Wholetime Agecroft Bolton Road, Pendlebury 1x WrL, 1x SarDU, 1x FIU
61 Wholetime Eccles Liverpool Road, Patricroft 2x WrL, 1x WIU
62 Day Manned Irlam Fairhills Road, Irlam 1x WrL

Fire Appliance Abbreviations[edit]

  • Water Rescue Ladder (WrL): P1/P2
  • Light 4x4 Pump (L4P): L1
  • Technical Response Unit (TRU): R2
  • Enhanced Rescue Unit (ERU): R7
  • Urban Search and Rescue Unit (USAR): R8
  • Search and Rescue Dog Unit (SarDU): R9
  • Water Incident Unit (WIU): B2
  • Hydraulic Platform (HPV): A1
  • Operational Support Unit (OSU): C2
  • Bulk Foam Unit (BFU): S2
  • Prime Mover (PM) + High Volume Pumping Unit (HVPU): T6
  • Hose Retrieval Unit (HRU): W2
  • Incident Command & Control Unit (ICCU): C1
  • Prime Mover (PM) + Environmental Protection Unit (EPU): T6
  • Prime Mover (PM) + Mass Decontamination Disrobe (MDD): T9
  • Incident Response Unit (IRU): H9
  • Detection, Identification and Monitoring Unit (DIM): H8
  • Salvation Army Catering Unit (SACU): S4
  • Fire Investigation Unit (FIU): F1


Headquarters in Pendlebury

The service was created when the county of Greater Manchester came into being in 1974. It had, until fairly recently, been called the Greater Manchester County Fire Service. The change in name reflects the growing number of roles the service now has, and many services across the United Kingdom are also changing their names to "Fire and Rescue Service". This change was inspired by new primary legislation for England and Wales, The Fire and Rescue Services Act 2004.[2]

The service was originally administered by the Greater Manchester County Council, but when this was abolished in 1986, administration of the service was taken over by a joint authority of the ten Metropolitan Boroughs of Greater Manchester, known as the "Fire and Rescue Authority". Five members are appointed by Manchester City Council, two each by Bury and Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Councils, and three each by the remaining seven borough councils of Greater Manchester.[3]

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  1. ^ The official street address is given as Swinton, but the premises are in neighbouring Pendlebury
  2. ^ The Fire and Rescue Services Act 2004, Pub TSO, (accessed 19 Oct 2006)
  3. ^ Local Government Act 1985 (1985 c.51), schedule 10, part II

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