Greatest Hits (Lynn Anderson album)

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Greatest Hits
Greatest hits album by Lynn Anderson
Released January 4, 2005
Recorded 1966 – 1979
Genre Country, Country pop
Label Collector's Choice
Producer Gordon Anderson

Greatest Hits is a compilation album showing all of country/pop music artist, Lynn Anderson's biggest hits. The album features all of Anderson's biggest hits. The album also includes her signature hit "Rose Garden", which also remains her biggest hit. The album includes all her other hits from her 1970s heyday, such as "Top of the World", "Cry" and "Keep Me In Mind". It also includes some of her early hits, such as "If I Kiss You (Will You Go Away)" and "Big Girls Don't Cry". Even some of the late 1970s hits are included such as "Wrap Your Love All Around Your Man" and "Isn't It Always Love".

This was the first Lynn Anderson collection to offer both her hits from her years at both Chart Records and Columbia Records.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "If I Kiss You (Will You Go Away)"
  2. "Promises, Promises"
  3. "No Another Time"
  4. "Big Girls Don't Cry"
  5. "Flattery Will Get You Everywhere"
  6. "That's a No No"
  7. "I've Been Everywhere"
  8. "Rocky Top"
  9. "Stay There Till' I Get There"
  10. "Rose Garden"
  11. "You're My Man"
  12. "How Can I Unlove You"
  13. "Cry"
  14. "Listen to a Country Song"
  15. "Fool Me"
  16. "Keep Me in Mind"
  17. "Top of the World"
  18. "Sing About Love"
  19. "Talkin' to the Wall"
  20. "What a Man My Man Is"
  21. "He Turns It Into Love Again"
  22. "Wrap Your Love All Around Your Man"
  23. "Isn't It Always Love"
  24. "Sea of Heartbreak"