Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest 1980

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Eurovision Song Contest 1980
Country  Greece
National selection
Selection process National Final
Selection date(s) March 10, 1980
Selected entrant Anna Vissi
Selected song "Autostop"
Finals performance
Final result 13th, 30 points
Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest
◄1979 1980

Greece and Ellinikí Radiofonía Tileórasi (ERT) hosted a national selection with the winner being chosen an "expert" jury. Anna Vissi was chosen with "Autostop" and placed 13th at Eurovision.[1]

National final[edit]

The National Final took place on March 10, 1980 at the ERT TV Studios in Peania and was hosted by Vasilis Tsivilikas. The winning song was chosen by a jury of people who awarded each song a mark out of ten.

Result of National Final[edit]

By order performed:

National Final - March 10, 1980
Singer Song Points Place
1 Yiannis Floriniotis "Mono Mia Melodia" 260 10
2 Dakis & Rena Panta "Mono Esi" 289 9
3 Anna Vissi "Autostop" 474 1
4 Antonis Stefanides "Min Argeis" 202 12
5 Dakis "Pare Ena Kohili Ap'to Aegaeo" 410 3
6 Milli Karali "Tiki-tak" 361 6
7 Glykeria "Etsi Apla S'Agapo" 364 5
8 Kostas Tournas & The Epikouri "UFO" 469 2
9 Yiorgos Polychroniadis "Thimisou Me" 327 8
10 Group Anonymous "Sto Rythmo Ton UFO" 368 4
11 Sigma Fei "Na Les S'Agapo" 225 11
12 Takis Antoniades "Ti Thes Na Po" 347 7

At Eurovision[edit]

"Autostop" was the third performed that night (following Turkey's Ajda Pekkan with "Pet'r Oil" and preceding Luxembourg's Sophie & Magaly with "Papa Pingouin"). At the close of voting, it had received 30 points, placing 13th in a field of 19.

It was succeeded as Greek representative at the 1981 Contest by Yiannis Dimitras with "Fegari Kalokerino".


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