Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest 1983

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Eurovision Song Contest 1983
Country  Greece
National selection
Selection process National Final
Selection date(s) March 18, 1983
Selected entrant Christie Stasinopoulou
Selected song "Mou Les"
Finals performance
Final result 14th, 32 points
Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest
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Greece and Ellinikí Radiofonía Tileórasi (ERT) chose to host a National Selection with the winner being chosen an "expert" jury. Christie Stasinopoulou was chosen with "Mou Les" and placed 14th at Eurovision.

National final[edit]

The National Final took place on March 18, 1983 at the ERT TV Studios in Peania and was hosted by Mako Georgiadou. The winning song was chosen by a 50-member jury composed of "experts" and members of the public.

Result of National Final[edit]

By order performed:

National Final - March 18, 1983
Singer Song Place
1 Cleopatra "Gia Tin Irini" 5
2 Nikos Nomikos "Deilino" 8
3 Ariele Konstantinidis "Tha Figo" 10
4 Gianna Komninou "Matia Mou Melachrina" 7
5 Giannis Kakaniaris "Ta Dentra" 4
6 Dakis "Agapi, Agapi" 2
7 Christie Stasinopoulou "Mou Les" 1
8 Milli Karali "O Profitis" 9
9 Dafni Bokota "Ioulietta" 6
10 Alexandros Molfesis "To Hameno Rendez-Vous" 3

At Eurovision[edit]

"Mou Les" was performed tenth on the night (following Finland's Ami Aspelund with "Fantasiaa" and preceding the Netherlands' Bernadette with "Sing Me a Song"). At the close of voting, it had received 32 points, placing 14th in a field of 20.

Greece did not enter the 1984 Contest. Thus, the song was succeeded as Greek representative at the 1985 Contest by Takis Biniaris with "Miazoume".


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