Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest 2003

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Eurovision Song Contest 2003
Country  Greece
National selection
Selection process National Final
30% Tele-Voting
30% SMS
40% Judging panel
Selection date(s) 26 February 2003
Selected entrant Mando
Selected song "Never Let You Go"
Finals performance
Final result 17th, 25 points
Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest
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Greece and Ellinikí Radiofonía Tileórasi (ERT) chose to host a National Selection with the winner being chosen by SMS voting (30%), televoting (30%) and an "expert" jury (40%). Mando was chosen with "Never Let You Go" and achieved 17th place in Eurovision.

National final[edit]

The National Final took place on February 26, 2003 at the Ciné Keramikos nightclub. The hosts of the show were Dafni Bokota, Rika Vagiani & Popi Tsapanidou. The winner was chosen via SMS voting (30%), televoting (30%) and an "expert" jury (40%).

Result of National Final[edit]

By order performed:

National Final - February 26, 2003
Singer Song SMS Televoting Jury Total Place
1 Giorgos Nassios "It’s Alright" 8th 7th 5th 7th
2 Sabrina "Camera" 3rd 4th 2nd 3rd
3 Maria Atsopardi "Tis Nihtes Megalono" 6th 6th 6th 6th
4 Dimitra Aggelou & Alter Ego "Kapios Erotas Fotia" 10th 9th 8th 9th
5 Mando "Never Let You Go" 2nd 1st 1st 1st
6 Alexandros Chatzis "I Agapi Einai Dromos – L’amore e la strada" 4th 3rd 4th 4th
7 Kostas Chrisis "Gotta Be A Way for Love" 7th 8th 9th 8th
8 Giannis Vardis "Mia Stigmi" 1st 2nd 3rd 2nd
9 Marian Georgiou "Can’t Escape - Come Back" 9th 10th 10th 10th
10 Giorgos Kaminaris, Lakis Papadopoulos & Liana Papalexi "Kapote - Come with Me" 5th 5th 7th 5th

At Eurovision[edit]

"Never Let You Go" was performed seventeenth on the night (following Ukraine's Olexandr Ponomariov with "Hasta La Vista" and preceding Norway's Jostein Hasselgård with "I'm Not Afraid To Move On"). For her Eurovision appearance, Mando wore a navy blue gown, with a very tight lace-up bodice. She also had several backup dancers. At the close of voting, it had received 25 points, placing 17th in a field of 26.

It was succeeded as Greek representative at the 2004 Contest by Sakis Rouvas with "Shake It".


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