Greece men's national volleyball team

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Association Hellenic Volleyball Federation
Confederation CEV
Head coach Sotirios Drkos
FIVB ranking 52 (as of September 2014)
Team colours Team colours Team colours
Team colours
Team colours Team colours Team colours
Team colours
Summer Olympics
Appearances 1 (First in 2004)
Website Website
Greece men's national volleyball team
Medal record
European Championship
Bronze 1987 Belgium Team
European League
Silver 2014 Montenegro Team
Bronze 2006 Turkey Team
Mediterranean Games
Silver 1979 Yugoslavia Team
Bronze 1971 Turkey Team
Bronze 1983 Morocco Team

The Greece men's national volleyball team is the national team of Greece. It is governed by the Hellenic Volleyball Federation and takes part in international volleyball competitions.



Year Position
Greece 2004 5th
Total 1/12

World Championship[edit]

Year Position
France 1986 13th
Greece 1994 6th
Japan 1998 13th
Argentina 2002 7th
Japan 2006 17th
Total 5/16

World League[edit]

Year Position
Brazil 1993 11th
Italy 1994 7th
Brazil 1995 9th
Netherlands 1996 11th
Italy 1998 12th
Poland 2001 9th
Brazil 2002 9th
Spain 2003 7th
Italy 2004 5th
Serbia and Montenegro 2005 7th
Slovakia 2015 Qualified
Total 11/25

European Championship[edit]

Year Position
Turkey 1967 20th
Italy 1971 18th
France 1979 12th
East Germany 1983 9th
Netherlands 1985 8th
Belgium 1987 Bronze medal icon.svg
Sweden 1989 10th
Germany 1991 11th
Greece 1995 7th
Netherlands 1997 11th
Germany 2003 11th
Serbia and Montenegro 2005 6th
Russia 2007 13th
Turkey 2009 8th
Total 14/26

European League[edit]

Year Position
Turkey 2006 Bronze medal icon.svg
Portugal 2007 8th
Turkey 2008 6th
Portugal 2009 7th
Spain 2010 5th
Slovakia 2011 9th
Turkey 2012 10th
Montenegro 2014 Silver medal icon.svg
Total 8/9

Mediterranean Games[edit]

Year Position
Turkey 1971 Bronze medal icon.svg
Algeria 1975 4th
Federal Republic of Yugoslavia 1979 Silver medal icon.svg
Morocco 1983 Bronze medal icon.svg
Syria 1987 6th
Greece 1991 5th
France 1993 4th
Tunisia 2001 7th
Spain 2005 7th
Italy 2009 6th
Total 10/14

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