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Greek Fire
Origin St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Genres Progressive rock, alternative rock, post-hardcore
Years active 2008–present
Labels Currently unsigned
Associated acts Story of the Year, D.R.U.G.S., Maybe Today
Members Philip "Moon" Sneed
Ryan Phillips
Mark Joseph Roth
Johnny Venus

Greek Fire is an American rock band from St. Louis, Missouri. The band was formed in 2008 by members of Story of the Year and Maybe Today. Since formation, Greek Fire have released a self-titled EP, a single entitled "Doesn't Matter Anyway", and on August 16, 2011, they released their debut, full-length album, "Deus Ex Machina".


Formation (2008-2009)[edit]

In May 2009, Phil Sneed (of Story of the Year; who later took on the alias "Moon"), Ryan Phillips (also from Story of the Year), Johnny Venus (of Maybe Today), and Mark Joseph Roth (aka Gordon Host; of Maybe Today and The Too Silent Ghost) started performing as the band Greek Fire. While their first official show was on May 16, 2009, the band's short documentary posted on YouTube specifies that the band formed in 2008.

In their YouTube short documentary, lead singer Moon expresses the band's desire to be a part of the "next big step in where music takes us." Their video release on YouTube shows some background into why the band was formed: A frustration for the current state of music and an intense desire to create music for the entire world with complete artistic honesty and integrity.

Debut EP and "Doesn't Matter Anyway" (2009-2010)[edit]

Greek Fire posted numerous demos (including some teaser clips) since forming, the oldest of which are their songs entitled "Dreaming in Deja Vu", "The Ride", and "Down In Mexico" which first appeared on MySpace. The band has since written a number of other songs which have been played exclusively live.

Greek Fire released a three song EP on November 19, 2010 to hold fans over while they continued to write and record music for a currently unreleased full-length album. Greek Fire went to the studio in late January 2011 to record and the album is currently unfinished. Greek Fire released "Doesn't Matter Anyway" to iTunes on March 10, 2011.[1] "Doesn't Matter Anyway" has received considerable radio play in St. Louis on 105.7 ThePOINT, Sirius Satellite Radio, KSHE95, and in Chicago at Q101 since then.

Live Performances 2011[edit]

Greek Fire has had several live performances at venues throughout the midwest: Fubar Lounge, Pops Nightclub and Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Saint Louis, MO (where they opened for Incubus (band) on Aug. 20, 2011 and played in POINTFest in May and September 2011), as well as many other locations including Columbia, MO (where they opened for Good Charlotte), Toledo OH, Grand Rapids MI and Chicago IL where they opened for the band Madina Lake.

Deus Ex Machina (2011-2012)[edit]

On August 1, 2011, Greek Fire announced that they would be releasing their independent debut album Deus Ex Machina on August 16, 2011, through many outlets, online and otherwise.[2] The new album has a page on Amazon where you can find the track listing and listen to samples of the songs. The album includes 8 songs.[3]

In support of Deus Ex Machina the band toured with Eve 6 and played Pointfest along with Megadeth, Incubus, P.O.D., Chevelle, HURT and more, and played Uproar with Godsmack, Staind, Papa Roach, Shinedown, Thousand Foot Krutch and Adelitas Way.

Greek Fire began uploading acoustic sessions to their YouTube account for meeting Facebook "likes" and Twitter follower goals. The sessions are unedited, single shot videos of the band performing unreleased material.

The band has recently finished recording brand new material with producer John Feldmann at his studio in California.

Lost/Found (2012-present)[edit]

The band announced at the 2012 HoHo show that their next album will be entitled Lost/Found.

The first single, "A Real Life" from the record was released March 12, 2013

Second Single "Top Of The World" Was released December 2, 2013, and the stripped down version was released February 21, 2014

The band later announced that the concept album would instead be released as 2 EP's called Lost and Found respectively.

The Lost EP was released on 13th May 2014.

Johnny Venus[edit]

While touring in Japan in early 2012, Johnny Venus started to feel exhaustion. After the tour in Japan, Johnny's exhaustion did not fade. When he returned home, he had some blood tests. Hours after the blood tests, Johnny was admitted to the hospital with a diagnosis of Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia. Johnny had no medical insurance. While Johnny recovers and receives treatment, the band asked Story of the Year singer, Dan Marsala, to play drums with Greek Fire. He did so for the months of June and July. Johnny completed his first rounds of treatment in early August. On November 10, 2012, Venus made his official return to the group in a show at Missouri University of Science and Technology. He is now officially cancer free and touring with the band again.

Musical Style[edit]

Greek Fire's musical style shifts slightly with every song. The band's primary style is rock music, specifically progressive rock, due to the band's emphasis on artistic expression. The lead singer's vocals lend towards a balance of both pop and rock-oriented music. Guitarist Ryan Phillips' leads are generally melodic and flamboyant, as opposed to overly ostentatious. Occasionally the band's sound resembles modern alternative rock and post-hardcore.

The band describes themselves this way:[4]


Current members
Touring Members


Studio Albums[edit]

Year Name Released Songs Availability
2011 Deus Ex Machina August 16, 2011
  • 4:03 - "Doesn't Matter Anyway"
  • 3:42 - "Break Me Down"
  • 3:44 - "Make Me Believe"
  • 4:13 - "Put Your Hands On Me"
  • 5:24 - "Dreaming In Déjà Vu"
  • 6:52 - "Under The Stars (Deus Ex Machina)"
  • 4:04 - "Down In Mexico"
  • 5:55 - "Just The Beginning"
CD & Digital Download
Year Name Released
2014 Lost/Found 2014

Extended Plays[edit]

Year Name Released Songs Availability (Format)
2010 Greek Fire EP November 19, 2010
  • "Doesn't Matter Anyway"
  • "Put Your Hands On Me"
  • "Dreaming In Deja Vu"
Live shows only (CD)


Year Song Notes Album
2010 "Doesn't Matter Anyway"
  • Released as download only.
Deus Ex Machina
2013 "A Real Life"
  • Released as download only.
2013 "Top of the World"
  • Released as download only.

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