Greek A Division (women's football)

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Greek A Division (women's football)
Country Greece
Confederation UEFA
Founded 1987
Divisions 1
Number of teams 10
Levels on pyramid 1
Relegation to Beta Ethniki
Domestic cup(s) Greek Women's Cup
International cup(s) UEFA Champions League
Current champions Amazones Dramas

The Pan-Hellenic Women's Football Championship (Greek: Πανελλήνιο Πρωτάθλημα Γυναικών), also known as the Women's Alpha Ethniki, is the highest professional women's football league in Greece.

The Pan-Hellenic Women's Football Championship was founded in 1987. Prior to 1990, the championship was organised by the regional football associations. In 1990, the Hellenic Football Federation created a committee on women's football which organized the championship. In 1990 became the first organisation from the EPO which however were named test and the Greek federation him did not recognize as official organisation. The current winner is Amazones Drama.[1][2] PAOK has won the most championships so far.


The 2009–10 championship is organized into one group of 7 clubs and one group of 8 clubs. In the first phase of the championship, each club in the first group plays a total of 12 matches (home and away) against the other 6 clubs in the group over 14 rounds,[3] while each club in the second group plays a total of 14 matches (home and away) against the other 7 clubs in the group over 14 rounds.[4] In the second phase, the top three clubs from each group with participate in a new group competition with each club playing 10 matches (home and away) against the other 5 clubs. The clubs which did not finish in the top three of their group in the first phase will be relegated to the regional competition for the 2010–11 season.[5]

From the 2010-11 season onwards, there will be no more different groups and stages. All 13 clubs will play a round robin league, so each team plays 24 matches. The champion will be the first place finisher.

Alpha Ethniki clubs, 2012-13[edit]

List of champions[edit]

The list of champions:[6][7]

Pan-Hellenic Championship
Season Champion
1987 Ilioupoli Thessaloniki
1989 Doxa Piraeus
HFF Pan-Hellenic Championship
Season Champion
1990 Olympiada Thessaloniki
1991 Doxa Piraeus
1992 Doxa Piraeus
Αlpha Ethniki
1993 Kavala 86
1994 Doxa Piraeus
1995 Doxa Piraeus
1996 Olympiada Thessaloniki
1997 Ilioupoli Thessaloniki
1998 Olympiada Thessaloniki
1999 Union Doxa/Artemis Piraeus
2000 Filiriakos Florinas
2001 Kavala 86'
2002 PAOK FC
2003 A.E. Egina
2004 A.E. Egina
2005 A.E. Egina
2006 PAOK FC
2007 PAOK FC
2008 PAOK FC
2009 PAOK FC
2010 PAOK FC
2011 PAOK FC
2012 PAOK FC
2013 PAOK FC
2014 Amazones Dramas


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