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IG Dedication of Ion of Chios to Athena

The Greek-language inscriptions and epigraphy are a major source for understanding of the society and history of ancient Greece and other Greek-speaking or Greek-controlled areas. Greek inscriptions may occur on stone slabs, pottery ostraca, ornaments, and range from simple names to full texts.[1][2]

Inscriptiones Graecae[edit]

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The Inscriptiones Graecae (IG), Latin for Greek inscriptions, project is an academic project originally begun by the Prussian Academy of Science, and today continued by its successor organisation, the Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften. Its aim is to collect and publish all known ancient inscriptions from the ancient world. As such it will eventually make all other previous collections redundant.

Other printed collections[edit]

There are many other collections of inscriptions. The following abbreviations are as listed in the preface Epigraphical Publications to the Liddle Scott Lexicon:

  • CGIH = Corpus der griechisch-christlichen Inschriften von Hellas: I. Die griechisch-christlichen Inschriften des Peloponnes, Nikos Athanasiou Bees, vol. i, Athens 1941.
  • CID = Corpus des inscriptions de Delphes. I: Lois sacrées et règlements religieux, Georges Rougemont, Paris 1977; II: Les comptes du quatrième et du troisième siècle, J. Bousquet, D. Mulliez, Paris 1989.
  • CIJud. = Corpus Inscriptionum Iudaicarum, ed. Jean-Baptiste Frey: vol. i (Europe), Rome 1936 repr. [New York 1975]; vol. ii: Asie-Afrique, Rome 1952.
  • CISem. = Corpus Inscriptionum Semiticarum, E Renan et al., Paris 1881–1951.
  • Inscr.Perg. = Die Inschriften von Pergamon (in Altertümer von Pergamon viii), ed. Max Fränkel, Berlin 1890–1895; 8(3) = Altertümer von Pergamon viii (3). Die Inschriften des Asklepieions, Christian Habicht (historian), Berlin 1969.
  • Supp.Epigr. = SEG Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum, Hondius, Netherlands

Online collections[edit]

Some other inscriptions are found incidentally in

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