Greeks in Malta

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Ioannis Papafis from Thessaloniki, established his fortuitous enterprise working as a broker in Malta

The Greek people have a long presence in Malta, since ancient times. The Greeks used the islands for commerce and it is assumed that the location was a place of competition against the Phoenicians. It is not very clear if the Greeks made any colonies here, but we know that the island was known in Greeks under the name Melita.[citation needed]

Later, the Greek-speaking Byzantine Empire held Malta for almost three centuries, until they lost it to the Arabs.[1][2][unreliable source?]

During the 18th and 19th centuries many Greeks found hospitality in Malta, because of the persecutions of the Christian population in the Ottoman Empire.[citation needed] A number of Greeks from Rhodes island migrated in Malta in 1523, due to the capture of that Greek island by the troops of Suleiman the Magnificent.[3][unreliable source?] According to a short notice they built one of the two extant Greek churches in Valletta.[4][5][unreliable source?]

The current Greek community of Malta is less than 500 people.[6][unreliable source?]