Greeley Bar and Grill

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Greeley Bar and Grill was a Manhattan (New York) eating establishment located at 488 Sixth Avenue (Manhattan). Its ownership rented a store for 10 years in October 1926. The rental price for the term was $65,000.[1] In February 1927 the business went into receivership, with Paul Agajan named as owner of the eatery. Assets totaled $3,038 against liabilities of $8,286. Schaefer Brewery, Esther Cleveland,[2] and Anthony Ferris[3] were listed as primary creditors. Amounts owed them by Greeley Bar and Grill amounted to $2,200, $2,000, and $100[3] respectively. The bar is important as a pre-Great Depression business that failed to endure in New York City.[citation needed] The deli opened in a prime location during the prosperous late 1920s.[2]


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