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GreenOrder is a management consulting group specialising in environmental sustainability. It was established in 2000 by Andrew L. Shapiro.[1]


Shapiro got the idea for GreenOrder from the Wetlands Preserve, an environmentally friendly nightclub in the TriBeCa area of New York City.[2]

According to Shapiro, what started as a sort of “green dot-com” using the internet to help companies procure products that were environmentally safe and energy efficient became one of the most unique[clarification needed] management consulting firms of the world.[3] GreenOrder merged with Cleantech Group in October 2012.[4]

Notable work[edit]

GreenOrder has worked with companies like Polo Ralph Lauren and General Motors.[5]

Since 2005, GreenOrder has served as a principal strategic adviser on General Electric's ecomagination portfolio, including steering the ecomagination Product Review process.[6] [7] In 2011, the ecomagination portfolio achieved $21 billion in annual revenue and includes over 140 products that improve customers' environmental and operational performance.[8]


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