GreenPeak Technologies

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GreenPeak Technologies
Industry Semiconductors
Founded 2005
Founder Cees Links
Headquarters Utrecht, Netherlands
Number of locations
Belgium, France, Japan, Korea, United States
Products RF Silicon - Communication controller chips for wireless Smart Home applications

GreenPeak Technologies is an Utrecht, Netherlands-based fabless company developing semiconductor products and software solutions for the ZigBee wireless market segment. ZigBee technology is used for Smart Home data communications and to facilitate the Internet of Things, the term used to refer to devices designed to be operated and managed by Internet-enabled controllers and management systems.


GreenPeak was formed in June 2007 through the merger of Dutch company Xanadu Wireless and the Belgian company Ubiwave. Both companies focused on extreme low power sensor networks. In July 2007, the company was launched as GreenPeak Technologies.

GreenPeak is privately owned and backed by venture capitalists: Gimv (Belgium), DFJ Esprit (UK), Robert Bosch Venture Capital (Germany) and Allegro Investment Fund(Belgium).


GreenPeak offers its wireless products and technology to corporate OEMs and ODMs for integration with their application and focuses on the world market in the United States, Latin-America, Europe and Asia.

GreenPeak is based in Utrecht (Netherlands) and has offices in Zele (Belgium), France, Japan, Korea and the United States.

Industry standards[edit]

Wireless sensor applications prosper best within the sphere of industry standards. Standards offer OEMs the freedom to purchase from a larger pool of suppliers and most importantly, standards allow devices from different vendors to interoperate, a feature which is paramount in applications ranging from building automation to industrial automation.

GreenPeak's development is based on open industry standards and based on the IEEE 802.15.4 wireless network standard and supports the open global standards of the ZigBee Alliance


GreenPeak’s product offering contains communication controller chips for ZigBee Smart Home applications for IEEE 802.15.4. The product portfolio features small size, ultra low-power communications chips, with integrated software, tools and reference designs for seamless integration into residential and consumer electronics applications.[citation needed]


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