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Green Dot is a nonprofit organization headquartered in Downtown Los Angeles which operates eighteen public schools in Greater Los Angeles.[1]

The organization was founded by Steve Barr in 1999. The schools Green Dot operates are each named Ánimo, the Spanish word for rigor and strength. The graduation rates of schools operated by Green Dot are higher than those of the Los Angeles Unified School District, with 80% of students graduating from Animo schools, compared to 47% for LAUSD. In 2006, Green Dot opened 5 charter schools within the attendance area of Los Angeles' troubled High School. In 2008, a majority of permanent teachers at Locke High School voted to reconstitute the underperforming school as a Green Dot Charter School.

School results[edit]

Green Dot serves middle and high school students in and around Los Angeles, CA. The five Green Dot schools that opened prior to 2006 are achieving high results compared to neighboring traditional public schools on several key metrics. Green Dot's first campus, Animo Leadership in Inglewood, has an API score of 806 compared to the 589 score of neighboring Hillcrest High school. There is some controversy as to whether the population of Green Dot schools is comparable to the population of their neighboring schools with regard to special ed, prior achievement levels and other factors.[2]


In the fall of 2008, Green Dot Public Schools opened Animo South Bronx, its first charter school located outside of the Los Angeles area.

The Greendot public school system currently has 19 charter schools which include:


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