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The Green Garter Band
GGB logo.jpg
School University of Oregon
Location Eugene, Oregon
Conference Pacific-12 Conference
Founded 1983
Director Ted Schera
Members 12
Uniform Khaki Pants and University of Oregon polo. Custom Nike Free running shoes with the Nike+ capabilities.

The Green Garter Band (GGB) is a group of twelve that plays at numerous events for the University of Oregon.[1] The group has a faculty advisor, the Director of Athletic Bands, but for the most part is run by its student members.[2] The band performs for all UO Women's Volleyball home games, UO Women's Basketball home games, many UO Softball home games and serves as the core unit of the Oregon Marching Band (OMB) and Oregon Basketball Band (OBB).[citation needed]

Green Garter Band members are awarded scholarships to cover roughly 12 in-state credits. Members of GGB's companion group, the Yellow Garter Band, receive a scholarship of $1200 annually.[3]



In 2002, the Yellow Garter Band (YGB) was created to help fulfill the number of requests to join the band.[4]


Alto 1 Alto 2 Tenor Bari Lead Tpt Tpt 2 Tpt 3 Mello Lead Bone Bass Bone Guitar/Keys Bass Drums
1983-84 Mary Sipprell Kathleen Downey The Mark Baker Dave Chartrey* Bill Kester Mark Wees Bruce Coutant Tim Vian Pat Dixon John Ingman (Tuba) Fred Freeman
1984-85 Kathleen Downey Mark Baker/Karen Gloege Bill Hoshal Dana Heitman Bill Kester Mark Wees* Bruce Coutant Tim Vian Pat Dixon John Ingman (Tuba) Fred Freeman
1985-86 Charlene Decker Mike Martin Bill Hoshal Carl Poole Dana Heitman Tim Clarke Mark Wees* Bruce Coutant Tim Vian Pat Dixon Andrew Sherman Rose Dumphey (Connett) Fred Freeman
1986-87 Francie Kirk Carl Poole Bill Hoshal Dana Heitman* Tim Clarke Kelly Coutant (McDonald) Bruce Coutant Todd Kesterson Cameron Gates Doug Mathews Rose Dumphey (Connett) Fred Freeman/Brad Hirsch
1987-88 Walter Bates Jerry Farnell Brian Boggs Dana Heitman* Tim Clarke Kelly Coutant (McDonald) Bruce Coutant Todd Kesterson Cameron Gates Joe Worley Brad Hirsch
1988-89 Pat Detroit Jerry Farnell Brian Boggs/Andy Nelson Walter Bates Dana Heitman* Todd Zimbelman Kelly Coutant (McDonald) Jeff Edom Todd Kesterson Wayne Conkey/Pat Dixon Joe Worley Mitch Seal/Sean Wagoner
1989-90 Walter Bates/Mike Snyder Jerry Farnell Andy Nelson Kacy Flanagan Dana Heitman* Todd Zimbelman Marie-Francis Downer Jeff Edom/Karen Tunnell (McDaniel) Keith Dwiggins Wayne Conkey Shawn Johnson/David Schiffer Joe Worley Sean Wagoner
1990-91 Mike Snyder Kacy Flanagan Andy Nelson/Mike Yake Eric Howington*** Todd Zimbelman* (split lead) Tim Allums (split lead) Marie-Francis Downer/Shawn Brekke Karen Tunnell (McDaniel) Bryce Peltier/Shawn Johnson Shira Fadeley David Schiffer Joe Worley Sean Wagoner
1991-92 Mike Snyder Tom Herb Mike Yake Eric Howington Todd Zimbelman* (split lead) Tim Allums (split lead Jason Garcia Karen Tunnell (McDaniel) Shawn Johnson Shira Fadeley Aaron Welk Tim Curle
1992-93 Mike Yake Tom Herb Mike Snyder Eric Howington Tim Allums* Jason Garcia Danny Hunt Tom Muller Brian Griffiths Todd Johnson Aaron Welk Tim Curle
1993-94 Mike Yake Dave Keller Brian Kinkaid Jill Plant (Fairchild) Jason Garcia Joe Billera Danny Hunt Tom Muller Brian Griffiths Todd Johnson Sean Wagoner* Aaron Welk Tim Curle
1994-95 Dave Keller Joe Zant Derek Kane Jill Plant (Fairchild) Jason Garcia* Joe Billera Lewis Norfleet Aaron Shelton Jeff Johnson Todd Johnson Nick Papador Tim Curle
1995-96 Joe Zant Kevin Dieker Derek Kane*** Jill Plant (Fairchild) Ryan Warren Joe Billera Lewis Norfleet* Aaron Shelton Jeff Johnson Ray Severns Nick Papador Mike Launius
1996-97 Joe Zant Kevin Dieker Derek Kane Richard Such Travis Freshner Gary Plant* Rebekka Nores (Lattin) Aaron Shelton John MacDonald Ray Severns Nick Papador Micah Brusse/John Kalny
1997-98 Richard Such J.J. Sutton Derek Kane*** Theron Cross Travis Freshner Gary Plant** Rebekka Nores (Lattin) Josh Head John MacDonald* Ray Severns Jason Kirby Micah Brusse
1998-99 Richard Such* J.J. Sutton Peter Curcio Theron Cross*** Brett Bowers Robby Foster Josh Head** Derek Pangelinan Ray Bacerra Luke Warren Jason Kirby Aaron Xavier (Dyson)
1999-00 Mike Bryan J.J. Sutton Peter Curcio*** Tyson Wooters Brett Bowers Robby Foster Josh Head* Chris Buckley/Chris Rowbotham Ray Bacerra Luke Warren Steve Weems Aaron Xavier (Dyson)
2000-01 Mike Bryan Brian Silva Peter Curcio*** Tyson Wooters**/Paul Matthews Chris Rowbotham** Andy Hudock Josh Head* Scott Odle Ryan Chaney Luke Warren Steve Weems David Constantine
2001-02 Brian Silva Dylan Dwyer/Tim Harrington Peter Curcio*** Keith Muramatsu Chris Rowbotham** Andy Hudock/Jeremy Adams Josh Head* Scott Odle Ryan Chaney Luke Warren Aaron Flatten David Constantine
2002-03 Brian Silva* Keith Muramatsu*** Tim Harrington Laura Arthur Chris Rowbotham** Jeremy Adams Josh Head Jared Reno Ryan Chaney Luke Warren Ruxton Schuh Aaron Flatten David Constantine
2003-04 Brian Silva* Keith Muramatsu*** Tim Harrington Laura Arthur Chris Rowbotham** Jeremy Adams Michael Thompson Jared Reno Donny Brouillette Luke Warren Ruxton Schuh Maeghan Culver Tom Mulkey
2004-05 Alan Moffett*** Corey Lanini Tim Harrington Laura Arthur Michael Suskin Jon Clay Michael Thompson** Gavin Haworth Donny Brouillette* Mike Ragsdale Bill Marsh Maeghan Culver Tom Mulkey
2005-06 Alan Moffett*** Corey Lanini/Gabe Dickinson Tim Harrington Alan "Georgia" Cook Michael Suskin** Dylan Girard Michael Thompson Jordan Bemrose Alex Poole Mike Ragsdale* Bill Marsh Kevin Tomanka Brian Schuster
2006-07 Alan Moffett Josi Hill Josh Shirley Allison Drake Michael Suskin** Scott Ruby Michael Thompson* Jordan Bemrose Alex Poole Mike Ragsdale Aaron Longo Kevin Tomanka Jeff Tinsley
2007-08 Porsch Anthony Josi Hill**/Corey Lanini Josh Shirley** Marty Kovach Austin Fiske Matt Takimoto Mike Fisher Jordan Bemrose Alex Poole* Justin Canfield Tom Wade Jeff Tinsley
2008-09 Porsch Anthony Josi Hill Nathan Irby Marty Kovach Austin Fiske Matt Takimoto* Mike Fisher Jordan Bemrose** Tyson Striley Justin Canfield Tom Wade Jeff Tinsley
2009-10 Jonna Threlkeld Raimey Hoff Nathan Irby* Lauren Wagner Trevor Jones Bret Emerson Nick Sherman Jerry Xiong Tyson Striley Justin Canfield** Tom Wade Jeff Tinsley
2010-11 Jonna Threlkeld Raimey Hoff** Nathan Irby* Kevin Hyche Trevor Jones Bret Emerson Matt Dahlquist Leah Suderman Tyson Striley Marisa Smith Tom Wade Casey Crane
2011-12 Raimey Hoff* Sierra Hill Chris McCurdy Jake McGrew Trevor Jones*** Sam Hunt Matt Dahlquist Skye Gallagher Tyson Striley** Marisa Smith Gavin Milligan Casey Crane
2012-13 Raimey Hoff* Sierra Hill Chris McCurdy Jessica Lush Trevor Jones** Jeff Bayes Jasper Walton*** Skye Gallagher Daniel Hartley Marisa Smith Gavin Milligan/Nate Potter Eric Bloombaum
2013-14 Jenny Horn Nick Van Eekeren*** Ted Schera Kaden Christensen Chase Imai Jeff Bayes** Emma Kleck Arryn Bess Megan McMillan Taylor Noah Nate Potter Eric Bloombaum*
2014-15 Jonathan Hart Nick Van Eekeren*** Ted Schera* Kaden Christensen Chase Imai Brian Ruby Emma Kleck Arryn Bess/Alexis Garnica Megan McMillan** Taylor Noah Nate Potter Alex Ford

*musical director **logistical director ***sound engineer/equipment manager


One person per part.

  • Alto Sax 1
  • Alto Sax 2
  • Tenor Sax
  • Bari Sax
  • Trumpet 1
  • Trumpet 2
  • Trumpet 3
  • Mellophone
  • Lead Trombone
  • Bass Trombone
  • Keyboards/Guitar~
  • Bass Guitar
  • Drums

~ GGB has included a Keyboard or Guitar player into the group occasionally. However, this has never been a permanent position.


The Green Garter Band's repertoire is primarily composed of funk, rock, and ska tunes, arranged for their 12-piece ensemble. Some of their signature songs include:

  • All Star
  • Birdland
  • Blame it On The Boogie
  • Bring Me Joy
  • Brooklyn
  • The Chicken
  • Crazy In Love
  • Down To The Wire
  • Duck Tales
  • Ease On Down The Road
  • Everybody's Everything
  • Faithful
  • Get Ready
  • Getaway
  • Gotta Get Thru This
  • Hip To Be Square
  • Hit 'Em Up Style
  • In The Stone
  • Kafka
  • Life In One Day
  • Lights
  • Louie Louie
  • The Middle
  • Mighty Oregon
  • Moanin'
  • Phantom Of The Opera
  • Please Come Back
  • Pride
  • Push It To The Limit
  • Rock That!
  • Sell Out
  • Separate Ways
  • September
  • Shake A Tail Feather
  • Sing A Song
  • Sir Duke
  • Spherical
  • Strut
  • Sway
  • Swing O
  • Tower Of Power Medley
  • Uptight
  • Vehicle
  • Walking On Sunshine
  • Winner

As a subgroup of the Oregon Marching and Oregon Basketball Bands, the Green Garter Band is fluent in the repertoire of those groups as well as specific "Garter Band" music. Each year, members of the band arrange new songs, making this collection quite extensive.

Current members[edit]

  • Alto Sax 1: Jonathan Hart, Beaverton HS
  • Alto Sax 2: Nick van Eekeren, Sheldon HS
  • Tenor Sax: Ted Schera, David Douglas HS
  • Bari Sax: Kaden Christensen, North Marion HS
  • Trumpet 1: Chase Imai, Sunset HS
  • Trumpet 2: Brian Ruby, Beaverton HS
  • Trumpet 3: Emma Kleck, Santa Cruz HS, CA
  • Mellophone: Alexis Garnica, West Salem HS
  • Lead Trombone: Megan McMillan, Lake Oswego HS
  • Bass Trombone: Taylor Noah, Sheldon HS
  • Bass Guitar: Nate Potter, Beaverton HS
  • Drums: Alex Ford, Valencia HS, CA


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