Green Lake (Alaska)

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Green Lake
Location Sitka City and Borough, Alaska, United States
Coordinates 56°59′17″N 135°05′49″W / 56.98806°N 135.09694°W / 56.98806; -135.09694Coordinates: 56°59′17″N 135°05′49″W / 56.98806°N 135.09694°W / 56.98806; -135.09694
Type Reservoir, glacial lake
Primary inflows Vodopad River
Primary outflows Vodopad River
Catchment area 28.8 sq mi (75 km2)
Basin countries United States
References [1]

Green Lake, or Gageit' Tá,[2] is a lake/reservoir south of Sitka, Alaska. It is fed by the Vodopad River and outflows into Silver Bay.

Green Lake serves as home to several pens to the Medvejie Fish Hatchery.

The lake is artificially expanded by the Green Lake Dam. The lake height before damming was 230 ft.


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