Green Mountain Friends School

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Green Mountain Friends School
Burlington, VT, United States
Type Private school
Motto Honoring the Light Within All Beings
Established 2010
Information (802) 734-1616

Green Mountain Friends School (GMFS) is a Quaker private school located in Burlington, VT in the United States offering Quaker education to students ages 5-14. Founded in 2010 by members of New England Yearly Meeting, its motto is "Honoring the Light Within All Beings", alluding to the Quaker concept of inner light.

According to the school's website, the plan is to develop or work with a farm to give students hands on experience and an awareness of their relationship to the land. There are also plans to foster connections with an elders’ community so both the seniors and the students can benefit from experiences such as watching theater productions together and gathering to share a meal.

"We envision GMFS becoming much like a village where people of all ages are brought together to learn cooperation, strengthen their minds, respect their differences, and know their valuable connection to one another."[1]


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