Green Party of Bulgaria

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Green Party of Bulgaria
Leader Aleksandar Karakachanov
Founded 1989
Headquarters Sofia, Bulgaria
Ideology Green politics
International affiliation European Green Party (suspended)[1]
Colours Green
National Assembly
0 / 240
European Parliament
0 / 17
Politics of Bulgaria
Political parties
This article is about the Bulgarian Green Party, former junior partner of the Socialist-led "Coalition for Bulgaria". For the younger green party, member of EGP, see The Greens (Bulgaria).

The Green Party of Bulgaria (Bulgarian: Зелена партия, Zelena Partija) is a political party in Bulgaria. It is part of the Coalition for Bulgaria, an alliance led by the Bulgarian Socialist Party. The coalition won the 2005 parliamentary elections with 34.2% of the popular vote, receiving 82 out of 240 seats in the Narodno Sabranie; none of the seats, however, were allocated to the Green Party.

As of 2010, the membership of the party in the European Green Party is suspended due to the unestablished legitimacy of its leadership after in 2009 two alternative congresses were held, one affirming the founder and ever-since chairman Aleksandar Karakachanov, and the other removing him.

The Green Party's standing has recently been challenged by a new political formation, Zelenite (The Greens), founded in 2008. After an effective grassroots campaign, Zelenite managed to secure registration for the June 2009 European Parliament elections, and received the official endorsement of the European Green Party.[2]

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