Green Party of Washington State

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For the political party in Washington, D.C., see D.C. Statehood Green Party.

The Green Party of Washington State (GPWA) is the state party organization for Washington affiliated with the Green Party of the United States. As of February, 2014, GPWA has 8 affiliated local parties with at-large members and locals in formation throughout the state.

Founded in 2000[edit]

The Green Party of Washington State was founded in May of 2000.

Current leadership[edit]

After elections held in September of 2013, the coordinating committee consists of Stoney Bird, Bob Burr, Budd Dickinson, Suzanne Pardee, and Ethan Rourke. Jody Grage serves as outreach coordinator.

National Green Party delegates[edit]

Delegates from GPWA to the national party (GPUS) are Budd Dickinson and Jody Grage, both elected in September 2013.


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