Green Zebra

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Green Zebra
Green Zebra
Green Zebra
Maturity 78 days
Type Open pollinated
Vine Indeterminate
Plant height 9 feet
Fruit Weight 6 oz
Leaf regular
Color Bicolor: Green with yellow stripes
Shape Globe
Green Zebra tomatoes

Green Zebra is a tomato cultivar with characteristic dark green and yellow stripes.[1] Newer variations blush reddish instead of yellow when ripe. It is more tart (described as 'spicy' and 'zingy')[2] than regular tomatoes, and it is an early cultivar. Compared to other tomato varieties, it can produce somewhat mealy fruits depending on growing conditions.

Green Zebra was bred by Tom Wagner of Everett, Washington, and introduced in his Tater-Mater Seed Catalog in 1983.[3] There is some controversy as to whether Green Zebra should be considered an heirloom tomato. Some people don't consider it an heirloom quite yet, [3] while others consider it either an heirloom, "modern heirloom" or "created heirloom'.[4][5][6]

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