Greenpernt Oogle

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Greenpernt Oogle
Rocky and Bullwinkle story arc
Season 2
Story arc (#) 5
No. of segments 12
Air date (start) December 1, 1960
Air date (end) January 12, 1961
Program title Rocky And His Friends
Network ABC
Directed by Gerard Baldwin
Pete Burness
Bill Hurtz
Gerry Ray
Bob Schleh
George Singer
Ernie Terrazas
Produced by Ponsonby Britt
Written by George Atkins
Chris Hayward
Chris Jenkins
Lloyd Turner
Production 105-116
Guests Capt. Peachfuzz
King Bushwick Thoid Thoid
Episode list List of Rocky and Bullwinkle episodes
Episode chronology
← Previous Next →
"Metal-Munching Mice" "Rue Britannia"

Greenpernt Oogle is the third story arc from the second season of Rocky and His Friends. It was broadcast on ABC during the 1960-1961 television season on Thursdays, concurrently with Upsidaisium on Sundays.[1]

Plot synopsis[edit]

Bullwinkle is kidnapped and taken to the island of New Greenpernt (whose king is from Brooklyn), which requires the services of his "weather-forecasting bunion" ever since their Oogle Bird was stolen. Rocky heads to the weather bureau and meets up with now-meteorologist Captain Peachfuzz. Bullwinkle is appointed the island's wizard, but he quickly proves to be a terrible one. The three heroes will be burned at the stake unless they find the Oogle Bird.


This story arc attracted the ire of the network. ABC objected to the heroes being burned at the stake, claiming this was tantamount to cannibalism. Jay Ward humorously noted the difference between humans and moose & squirrels, and the story was allowed to continue. This is reflected in the Narrator's comment: "While the network-approved flames climbed higher and higher..."

This would later resurface in a joke in the Season 5 story arc involving the Bumbling Brothers Circus, in which an Indian has Rocky tied to a stake and plans to set fire to it. Rocky interjects that the network says what he is doing is wrong. However, the Indian claim that they are merely 'roasting' Rocky, and that makes the situation ok.

In the follow-up episode, the same Indian berates the narrator for discussing cannibalism in the opening recap, but Rocky counters that you can talk about it, just not do it on TV. The Indian then says, "That sound like network alright-all talk, no do."


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