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Greenrigg is a small village that lies in the west of West Lothian, Scotland.

Greenrigg is within walking distance to shops in the bordering village of Harthill and a quick drive away from Whitburn. The village has a school, Greenrigg Primary School.

Greenrigg was once a thriving mining village and produced large amounts of coal. The remains of the mine can be seen in the form of a large mound of debris from the mine excavations or "Bing" as they are called locally. The "Bing" is wow largely covered with wild flowers and grass, and serves as a barrier between the villages football pitch and the nearby M8 motorway.

The village of Greenrigg currently has one convenience store located in the centre on Stanley Road, a short distance from the site of the previous store, which burned down in 2006 as a result of a fireworks accident. The village at one point had a popular hair salon called 'The Nut Hut' located at the top of Polkemmet Road and Greenrigg Cottages. between Harthill and Whitburn. The site has since been restored to grass.

Mr. Iain Grant, a famous Canadian broadcaster, now with CFRB radio in Toronto, grew up in Greenrigg in the early 1970s before emigrating to Canada.

Buildings and Amenities[edit]

Greenrigg evangelical Church
Greenrigg Convenience store
Greenrigg Primary School and Community Centre.
Children's play area with swings.
Football park
Gibshill Football park and facilities (Home of Harthill Junior FC)
Bus stop, main road, east and west bound connecting West Lothian and North Lanarkshire destinations.

Coordinates: 55°51′40″N 3°44′06″W / 55.861°N 3.735°W / 55.861; -3.735