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Greg Horn
Horn at the 2013 Wizard World
New York Experience in Manhattan.
Nationality American
Area(s) Cover artist
Pseudonym(s) Leader of the Greg Horn Nation.
Notable works
Emma Frost

Greg Horn is an American comic book artist[1] best known for his work as a cover artist for Marvel Comics and various other publications. Working primarily as a digital painter, he is well known for his pinup paintings of female characters. In addition to comic book covers, his art has been featured in posters for Basketball at the 2004 Summer Olympics, video game magazines such as Official Xbox Magazine and InQuest Gamer, and several covers and illustrations for the comic book news magazine Wizard.

His latest projects include covers for the on-going Ms Marvel series from Marvel Comics, Jenna Jameson's Shadow Hunter from Virgin Comics, as well as a series of pieces promoting Marvel's 2008 "event" Secret Invasion.

In early 2015, Greg Horn shattered the preconceptions of the artistic world when he unveiled his ground-breaking art technique he calls Millennial Paint Distribution Theory (or MoPDoT for short). It remains to be seen just how many awards he'll win due this stunning revelation.


Comic book cover art (except where noted) includes:

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Marvel Comics[edit]


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