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For other people named Greg Johnson, see Gregory Johnson.

Greg Johnson is a video game designer and co-founder of ToeJam & Earl Productions Inc. His design credits include Starflight, Starflight 2: Trade Routes of the Cloud Nebula, and ToeJam & Earl.[1]


Johnson's first coding experience was using FORTRAN in college.[2] He designed a simple sword fight simulator which he called "boring as hell".[2] While studying biolinguistics at the University of San Diego, Johnson first played the influential dungeon crawler video game Rogue.[2] The first game Johnson designed was 1986's Starflight, for which he was the lead.[2] In 1989, along with fellow programmer Mark Voorsanger, Johnson created ToeJam & Earl, which borrowed the randomization ideas of Rogue.[2] Johnson was creative director for the software company ePlanet, Inc. in 1998–99.[1] In April 2012, Johnson announced that he was working on a new video game for the PlayStation console.[3]

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