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Greg McConnell (September 12, 1964 - April 4, 1999) was a Canadian indie rock musician, who was a member of the alternative country bands Absolute Whores (where he used the stage name "Ugly Dick Adonis"), Lost Dakotas and Stratochief.[1]

McConnell was famous for his cowhide-trimmed upright bass, which Steve Earle once described as looking "like Dwight Yoakam threw up on it".

On Easter Sunday, 1999, McConnell died unexpectedly while on a camping trip in Tobermory, Ontario. In May of that year, a memorial "GregFest" was held at Toronto's Horseshoe Tavern, featuring Stratochief, Jughead, Adam Faux and a one-off Whores reunion; funds raised from the show were used to dedicate a portion of the Trans-Canada Trail in Caledon to McConnell's memory.


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