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Greg Morrisett
Alma mater Carnegie Mellon University
Thesis Compiling with Types (1995)

John Gregory "Greg" Morrisett is the Allen B. Cutting Professor of Computer Science and Associate Dean for Computer Science and Engineering in the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.[1]

His group at Cornell University created the Cyclone programming language.[2]

His current research interests are in the applications of programming language technology for building secure and reliable systems. In particular, he is interested in applications of advanced type systems, model checkers, certifying compilers, proof-carrying code, and inlined reference monitors for building efficient and provably secure systems. He is also interested in the design and application of high-level languages for new or emerging domains, such as sensor networks.

He received his PhD under Jeannette Wing and Robert Harper at Carnegie Mellon University in 1995.

In 2013 he became a fellow of the Association for Computing Machinery.[3]


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