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Gregor Remi Seither, known as Grégoire Seither (Landau, 18 May 1960) is a Franco-German journalist, graphic designer, interpreter and Internet activist, founding member of the 1984 network liberty alliance,[citation needed] a loose international cyber network of free speech and privacy activists. He is the founder and administrator of the now defunct French hacktivist Bulletin Board System Pom-Pom [1] as well as the anti-censorship information compound Libertes & Internets (all info compiled by Zikiupdate)

Since 1998 Seither heads the francophone office of IES News Service (Intelligence Economique et Strategique),[citation needed] an international network of intelligence analysts that publishes various custom-tailored, subscription-only newsletters.[citation needed] Since December 2007, IES News Service has joined forces with other news outlets to form IES Media Cooperative.[citation needed]

Seither has also worked as graphic designer and iconographer for Aquent Partners as well as a free-lance interpreter and translator for Peachpit Press, Pearson Education, Apple Inc. and Microsoft.[citation needed]

In November 1984, Gregoire Seither was among the conveners of a "debriefing" workshop of the European Peace Marches[citation needed] on the Hartmannswillerkopf in Alsace, France, following the struggle against the installation of Pershing II and SS-20 nuclear missiles in Germany (Mutlangen). Among the many initiatives that emerged from this meeting, was the foundation of the 1984 network liberty alliance in (ironic) reference to George Orwell's novel 1984 and to the Rebel Alliance of the movie Star Wars.[citation needed]

Other founders are Dov Lerner, computer graduate at MIT and disciple of Saul Alinsky, the French philosopher André Gorz as well as Frauke Hahn who had led the woman's resistance ('Commons Women') at Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp, David Szwarc from the Israeli Peace movement and Adama Drasiweni, computer graduate from the University of London, future founder of N'DA, Africa's first independent telecom company. Other members joined later on, all active in various social movements and peace initiatives in Europe and the USA.

Interpretation and Translation[edit]

Since 1999, Seither has been working as a professional French-English-German conference interpreter and translator for language service providers in Paris (FR), London (UK) and Brussels (BE).

He also works as a volunteer interpreter for Babels, an international network of volunteer interpreters, translators and language diversity activists.

Seither has organized and taught on a volunteer base, community interpreting courses for NGOs working with the refugee community in Kibera (Kenya), Bamako (Mali) and Calais/Sangatte (France).

New Caledonia/South Pacific[edit]

From 1988 to 1995, Seither has worked in the French colony of New Caledonia (Nouvelle-Calédonie) in the South Pacific, for the publishing arm of the pro-independence Kanak Liberation Front (Front de Libération Nationale Kanak et Socialiste), Edipop Publishing House, Bwenando newspaper and Radio Djiido radio station. Seither manages Kanaky Online, the official mailing list of the Kanak Independence Movement, as well as Kaneka DJ, the only Internet radio station devoted to Kaneka music, the Melanesian contemporary music style of New Caledonia. From 1990 to 1994, Seither worked for the state-funded Jean Marie Tjibaou Cultural Centre/Agency for the Development of Kanak Culture (Agence de Développement de la Culture Kanak). From 1994 to 1997, Gregor Seither was Head of Design and Production for Digital Print On Demand in Auckland, New Zealand. He is a partner of Hexaprint, a printing and gravure specialist in Tel Aviv and Singapore.


Since 1998, Seither is the Paris Director of IES News Service (Intelligence Economique et Strategique, an international network of intelligence analysts that publishes various custom-tailored, subscription-only newsletter. IES News Service has offices in Auckland (New-Zealand), Panama City (Panama), Istanbul (Turkey), Kirkuk (Kurdistan / Iraq), Tel-Aviv (Israel), Ramallah (Occupied Palestine) as well as Beirut (Lebanon).

Seither is co-founder and manager of the information compound Libertés & Internets - [2] (, ( [3] sent to subscribers by email, and dealing with privacy issues, surveillance and propaganda in the information age.


From 1984 to 1989, Seither was a contributing editor of the francophone Palestinian monthly newsletter and radio-show Al-Haddaf /''Voix de la Palestine, with close ties to the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) - and notably to Al Hakim / George Habash of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) (Arabic: الجبهة الشعبية لتحرير فلسطين, al-Jabhah al-Sha`biyyah li-Tahrīr Filastīn) is a Marxist-Leninist, secular, nationalist Palestinian political and military organization, founded in 1967.

Former member of Hashomer Hatzair and with close ties to old Mapam (radical wing of the Meretz-Yachad party, Seither has repeatedly advocated the Binational solution (One-State-Solution) in his writings, calling for the normalization of Israel through the establishment of a new non-Zionist political entity based on democracy, equal rights between all citizens and secular values.

He has nevertheless supported initiatives that do not support this solution. In 2003 he participated in preparation of the Geneva Accord initiative, together with Azmi Bishara and Dov Lerner.

Along with former Israeli President Avraham Burg and writer Yitzhak Laor he has repeatedly defined Zionism as one of the last remnants of the euro-centric, white colonial ideologies that marked the 20th century. As such, according to Seither, Zionism is bound to disappear, like Rhodesia, South African Apartheid, French New-Caledonia or like colonialism as a whole.


Seither has translated a number of books from US-English and German into French - mainly computer books (Pearson Education, Peachpit Press, Microsoft Press and Apple Certified Training Series) but also some literature (Nigel Barley, Joe R. Lansdale, Ben Wiltmore, Jenny Whitcouls...)

Seither is the author of books and manuals dealing with computers and the printing industry :

  • The Tao of Going to Print (AEI Press - Sydney - 1997),
  • The Mac Fix-It Handbook (AEI Press - Sydney - 1998),
  • InDesign for Quark Xpress users (AEI Press - Sydney 2003).


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