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Gregor Horvatič (born 21 December 1977) is a Slovenian politician and football manager, former president of Slovenian Democratic Youth (acronym SDM).Currently he lead department of communications, public relations, and public affairs in NK Dob (English: Dob Football Club).


Horvatič was born in Ljubljana. He resides in Dob, Municipality of Domžale.

Political career[edit]

He joined the Slovenian Democratic Youth (acronym SDM) in 1997. He was elected chairman of the organization at the Congress of SDM in Maribor on 17 May 2008.

Before the election to chairman of the Slovenian Democratic Youth, Horvatič was a member of the National Board of SDM, member of permanent commission of the National Youth Council of Slovenia, chairman of municipality board of SDM Domžale (2003-2009), board and supervisory commission member in Youth council of Domzale municipality and worked as a team leader at a local youth community center Domžale municipality. On international youth policy level Horvatič was active as a member of international group of SDM, most active was in the International Young Democrat Union(IYDU), the Youth of the European People's Party(YEPP), Democrat Youth Community of Europe(DEMYC) and the Youth union of the Alps region, Jungen Alpenregion.

Slovenian parliamentary election, 2014[edit]

In June 2014 Gregor Horvatič was elected as the candidate of the Civic List (Slovene: Državljanska lista, DL), a member of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE)

Football work[edit]

In October 2008, Horvatič was appointed as a vice-president of Football club Vir( NK Vir ) and immediately took over the reorganization of the Football club Vir and began to lead department for public relations.

In December 2013, Horvatič was appointed as a Chief communications officer (CCO) and public relations officer (PRO) of NK Dob (English: Dob F.C.)and began to lead department of communications, public relations, and public affairs . Nogometni Klub Dob (English: Dob Football Club) due to sponsorship reasons is named NK Roltek Dob and they currently play in the Slovenian Second League. .

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