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Gregory Burgess is a Melbourne-based architect. Burgess is especially notable for his buildings for indigenous communities in Australia, and for his participatory design approach which has produced some remarkable and unique buildings.

He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning at the University of Melbourne in 1970. He has led a practice called the Gregory Burgess Architects for 32 years.

Gregory Burgess received the RAIA Gold Medal in 2004, the Australian architecture profession's highest accolade. He has received over 40 professional and community awards including the AIA Sir Zelman Cowen Award and Victorian Architecture Medal.

His work has been exhibited at major galleries in London, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Edinburgh and all Australian cities. Peter Davey, editor of the eminent international journal Architectural Review, has included Burgess among a select group of architects on the global stage who "... tend the flame of hope and carry the lamp of truth in a world that seems increasingly to have no values other than profit and the market in its grossest form".[1]




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