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Gregory Edwards "Broken Gingham" 2005, Oil on canvas 52x80 inches

Gregory Edwards (born January 19, 1981) is a contemporary artist who lived in New York City and Frankfurt, Germany.


After graduating from the School of Visual Arts in New York City (2003) he moved his studio to Brooklyn New York until April 2007 when he relocated to Frankfurt Germany. He attended Städelschule in Frankfurt, Germany.

Exhibition History[edit]

In 2011 Edwards had his first solo show in New York at 47 Canal,[1] followed by his second solo show in New York also at 47 Canal in 2014, [2]

In 2013 Edwards' work was included in DIS magazine's DISimages shoot with artist Bjarne Melgaard.[3]

In 2005 Edwards participated in the group show "Sugar and Stress" at Fredericks Freiser Gallery, New York, exhibiting two paintings: Future Primitive, a close up of a wild spotted cat; and Nobody, a head wearing a ski mask.[4] Other New York group exhibitions include "Diversity + Self-Identity" at the School of Visual Arts Gallery,[5] "Psychic Reality" (Bellwether Gallery, 2006),[6][7] Participant Inc (2006),[8] and "The Poster Project" at Printed Matter in 2006.[9]

He also exhibited in Hamburg, Germany with Ritter & Staiff Gallery at HFBK Gallerie in a group show called "Post-Mass Audience Age"(2007).[10][11]


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