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Gregory J. Laughery is a Swiss theologian. For the past twenty years he has been associated with L'abri Fellowship and is currently living and teaching at L'Abri in Huémoz, Switzerland.


Laughery studied with Dr. Francis Schaeffer at Swiss L’Abri Fellowship, before going on to take a theology degree at the London School of Theology, a license and a specialization diploma in New Testament at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland, and a PhD at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland. His dissertation Living Hermeneutics in Motion: An Analysis and Evaluation of Paul Ricoeur's Contribution to Biblical Hermeneutics received the highest honors. He has continued to publish in the field of biblical hermeneutics and other areas of interest, and has been particularly lauded for his work on the French philosopher/theologian Paul Ricoeur and for his writings on Christian spirituality.

Laughery has written extensively in recent years. He has published articles on Science and Theology in scholarly journals, including the European Journal of Theology and the Evangelical Quarterly. He has contributed chapters to After Pentecost with Kevin Vanhoozer, Dan Stiver, Craig Bartholomew, Anthony Thiselton, and Nicholas Wolterstorff; Behind the Text with Alvin Plantinga, C. Stephen Evans, Iain Provan, and Joel Green; and The Futures of Evangelicalism with Alister McGrath, Eugene Peterson, and Chris Wright. He has also written several books centered around living Christian spirituality, which are primarily based on his interactions with the thousands of students he has encountered over the years at L'Abri Fellowship. Ranging from the pastoral Living Spirituality to the more academic Living Reflections, Laughery is able to dialogue with both the general reader and the scholar. He works closely with Destinee Media to produce his books.


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