Gregory of Cappadocia

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Gregory of Capadocia
Patriarch of Alexandria
Predecessor Athanasius I
Successor Athanasius I
Personal details
Died 345

Gregory of Cappadocia served as Patriarch of Alexandria appointed (head of the church that became the Coptic Orthodox Church and the Greek Church of Alexandria) between 339 and 346. This appointment is not accepted by the church of Alexandria as it was not according to church laws. The appointment was made due to political pressure on Emperor Constantius II by Bishop Eusebius of Nicomedia, who had been one of Athanasius I's strong opponents and a supporter of Arius from the very beginning.

He was enthroned during one of the exiles of Athanasius I from Alexandria. Most in the Eastern Orthodox Church of Alexandria and Coptic Church deny his papacy and say that Athanasius I was the true patriarch, considering Gregory to be a usurper of the Alexandrian see.[1] Gregory was a well spoken and a close friend to the Roman Emperor and that became the reason as to why he became a "Patriarch" of Alexandria, however the Coptic Church denies him that crown. His Arian views were not favoured in Egypt at the time and to this date the Christians believe that his views are heretical.

He died in 345, probably from violence.

Preceded by
Athanasius I
Patriarch of Alexandria (not acknowledged)
Succeeded by
Athanasius I


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