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GREN Automotive
Industry Automotive
Founded May 3, 2001
Founder Qingdao GREN Machinery Company, China.
Headquarters Somerset, NJ, USA
Products brake rotors • brake pads • windscreen wipers • refrigerant • valve stems

GREN Automotive Inc is a manufacturer of automotive brake components, specializing in OEM replacement pads and rotors. They also offer a line of windshield wiper blades, valve stems and HFC-134a refrigerant. GREN Automotive is a North American subsidiary of Qingdao GREN Machinery Company. While the parent company was founded in 1997, GREN Automotive was not established until May 2001. GREN manufactures and sells brake components for all major automotive manufactures. Their products are sold in all major world markets, including European, Japanese and North American. They produce products for most passenger vehicles as well as light and heavy duty trucks.[1]

In March 2000, GREN Machinery Company applied to the German TUV CERT Body for an ISO9002 quality system certificate and passed their final audit on November 27, 2000. In March 2003, the German TUV CERT Body granted GREN their ISO9001:2000/QS9000/VDA6.1 Quality System Certificate.[2] GREN controls the whole production system from raw material through to distribution.

In March 2008, GREN extended its line of products by introducing a line of ceramic brake pads. GREN distinguishes itself from other Chinese brake manufactures, by offering an extensive range of SKUs[clarification needed] – instead of manufacturing a large number of the same product, GREN offers over unique 1,800 SKUs.

GREN Automotive headquarters is located in Somerset, New Jersey, USA.


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