Grenada–Japan relations

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Grenadian-Japanese relations



Grenada–Japan relations are formal diplomatic relations between Grenada and Japan. Japan and Grenada established full diplomatic relations in April 1975.[1] Grenada and Japan don't have their own embassies in the two countries. The Japanese embassy for Grenada is in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.[2]

Bilateral relations[edit]

Grenada and Japan enjoy excellent relations of friendship, cooperation and trade. Bilateral relations between Grenada and Japan have been strengthened over the years by many visits, including the visit to Japan in 1976 of Eric Gairy, former Prime Minister of Grenada.[3] There are 2 Japanese people living in Grenada.[4] In 2009, the Japanese Government granted aid for fisheries in Grenada, to build a fisheries center in Gouyave. This fisheries center will include a fish market, ice-machines, cold facilities, processing facility, Jetty, and an Antenna Tower. This cost 1,170 million Japanese Yen (US$15 million) and was completed in 2011.[5]

Bilateral agreements[edit]

Date Agreement name Law ref. number Note
16 August 2000 Grant Agreement[6]


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