Gresham (Metra station)

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Gresham Metra Station.jpg
Gresham Station Platform
Location 820 West 87th Street
Gresham, Chicago, Illinois 60620
Coordinates 41°44′14″N 87°38′40″W / 41.7372°N 87.6444°W / 41.7372; -87.6444Coordinates: 41°44′14″N 87°38′40″W / 41.7372°N 87.6444°W / 41.7372; -87.6444
Owned by METRA
Platforms 1 island platform
Tracks 2
Connections CTA Buses
Structure type Elevated
Other information
Fare zone B
Preceding station   Metra   Following station
Regular service
toward Joliet
Rock Island District
Rush hour only
toward Joliet

Gresham is a station on the Rock Island District Metra line, which runs between Joliet, Illinois and downtown Chicago, Illinois at the LaSalle Street Station. It is in Zone B according to Metra fee schedules based on its 9.8 miles (15.8 km) distance from downtown Chicago.[1] It is in the community area of Auburn Gresham, on the south side of Chicago. The Rock Island service splits here; most trains travel west over the Suburban Line (via Brainerd), while some rush-hour trains head due south for Blue Island (via Longwood). The SouthEast Service will also use this station.[2]

Gresham Station is built on an embankment between bridges over West 87th Street and Vincennes Avenue. Parking is mainly street-side, and there are parking lots on the corner of Vincennes Avenue and Halsted Street, and on Genoa Avenue between 88th and 87th Street.

Bus connections[edit]


  • #8A South Halsted
  • #24 Wentworth
  • #87 87th
  • #N87 87th (Owl Service)


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