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Gresham Central Transit Center
MAX Light Rail Station
Gresham Central TC wide view - bus and MAX stops.jpg
Looking east at the TC from across Hood Avenue
Location 350 NE 8th Street
Gresham, Oregon
Coordinates 45°30′10″N 122°25′38″W / 45.50278°N 122.42722°W / 45.50278; -122.42722Coordinates: 45°30′10″N 122°25′38″W / 45.50278°N 122.42722°W / 45.50278; -122.42722
Owned by TriMet
Platforms 2 side platforms
6 bus bays
Tracks 2
Parking 540 spaces
Bicycle facilities bike racks and lockers
Disabled access Yes
Opened 1981/82 (bus)
September 5, 1986 (MAX)
Preceding station   TriMet logo simplified.svg MAX Light Rail   Following station
Blue Line

The Gresham Central Transit Center station, also known as Gresham Transit Center, is a TriMet transit center and MAX light rail station in Gresham, Oregon, United States. The center is a connection point for several bus routes and the MAX Blue Line. The light rail station is the 25th stop eastbound on the eastside MAX line, which was the Portland metropolitan area's first light rail line.

The transit center is located at the intersection of NE Kelly Avenue and NE 8th Street in the central part of Gresham. It is a hub for bus service to points in eastern Multnomah County and Portland.

History and description[edit]

It originally opened as a bus-only transit center in 1981, named Gresham Transit Center, in the form of multiple bus stops clustered along 8th Street and Kelly Avenue, a temporary arrangement until construction of a planned off-street facility. The off-street bus layover area – a short section of bus-only road with purpose-built bus stops – was opened in February 1982.[1]

The adjacent MAX station opened in 1986, and the entire facility was renamed Gresham Central Transit Center at that time. However, TriMet continues to refer to it as Gresham Transit Center (or Gresham TC) on bus destination signs and bus schedules. The station originally had no park-and-ride lot, but TriMet built and opened a three-level garage with a ground-floor retail space in 1996.[2] A 30-space bike-and-ride facility (a secured parking area for bicycles) was built later, inside the garage, and opened in July 2011.[3]

Public art at the transit station includes "The Living Room", a sculpture comprising vintage furniture cast in concrete and a faux television set cast in bronze, which was installed in 2001 through a public art program.[4] TriMet announced the work would be removed in October 2013.[5]

The transit center was located in TriMet fare zone 4 from 1982[6] until September 1988,[7] and in zone 3 from then until September 2012, at which time TriMet discontinued all use of zones in its fare structure.[8]

Bus service[edit]

This station is served by the following bus lines (as of January 1, 2013):

  • 4 - Division/Fessenden
  • 9 - Powell Blvd
  • 20 - Burnside/Stark
  • 21 - Sandy Blvd/223rd
  • 80 - Kane Rd/Troutdale Rd
  • 81 - Kane Rd/257th Ave
  • 84 - Powell Valley/Orient Dr
  • 87 - Airport Way/181st Ave
  • Sandy Area Metro service to Sandy, Oregon


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